In order to meet the requirements of the gold market in order to expand the daily operations and activities. In view of the specificity of this sector, which requires a system to arrange the accounting operations for gold trade, Infosoft has introduced its new product (the gold accounting program), which is in line with the rapid technological development in the field of databases and information technology.

Program Components

  1. Account Management System
  2. warehouse management system
  3. Customer Management System
  4. sales management system
  5. Supplier Management System
  6. Procurement Management System
  7. VAT system

Features of the program

  • Certified by the General Authority for Zakat and Income.
  • SQL SEREVER databases provide speed, durability and security.
  • Inclusiveness, flexibility and ease of use.
  • Automatically read the daily gram rate from the internet.
  • Short selling point including selling, buying break and entering daily expenses.
  • The possibility of preparing the sales of fractions of different caliber to cover the bill to buy new gold.
  • Diversity of accounting reports and final accounts.
  • Calories and calibrated reports are compliant with gold requirements.
  • A user rights system compatible with the business interest.