The use of modern computer equipment is one of the most important inventions that contributed to facilitating and developing work in different companies and institutions, whatever the field in which the company specializes in it. The advanced accounting programs have contributed to updating the methods of storing files and accounts in institutions, so computers work to transform the paper accounting system in companies Or institutions for a system that works on a computer automatically or automatically, and it works to collect files with precision and super speed at work and has several advantages, including:

1 – Accounting software is more accurate to perform various calculations, there is a big difference in doing the required calculations on paper or by using a calculator or by relying on the use of accounting software through the use of a computer and by using a computer The errors resulting from performing various calculations become less and the information resulting from These operations are reliable and accurate information.

2-enables you to transfer and store data easily, you can store the largest amount of data and files on a computer or be stored in secure storage sites instead of storing them in the form of papers that can be damaged at any time, also you can transfer them online quickly and easily and can be connected to The Internet, such as a cashier, is required to know a lot of information about the goods in the stores. Here, it does not need to review the papers, but simply by pressing some buttons on the computer linked to all the stores in the company or institution, it can know all the information you want to know in just a few minutes.

3- Operations that occur periodically, such as inventory, account closure, and adjustments, are easy to conduct through accounting programs rather than relying on traditional papers and documents.

4- Accounting software supports the use of the Internet and smart phone devices. You can get instant reports on the sales of companies that you manage by entering these programs, which saves time and effort in following up your business anywhere, especially if you are traveling outside the country in which you work.

5- In addition to those advantages, the use of computer and accounting software is a means of providing employment, so individuals who perform accounting, auditing, and warehouse monitoring are dispensed with because the device does all these things in a more secure and accurate way.