Speed ​​and continuous development with highly efficient and technical solutions with a network of branches that achieve quick accessand appropriate solutions

The Technical Support Department is responsible for assisting customers in many technical and technical matters which they are not aware of. The technical department works to solve customer problems and respond to their inquiries and technical treatment through modernization, development and solving the crises and problems that customers face with our programs. Achieving the functions and tasks of customers.

Features of the technical support team

  • Competence and experience, where our technical staff is characterized by high efficiency and expertise.
  • The speed in solving problems that arise to customers within 48 hours of the registration of the author.
  • Update and continuous development of programs and download them to customers periodically to take advantage of all new.
  • Availability of the crew and its presence in most regions of the Kingdom for easy and quick access to the client and a sufficient number of equivalent to the large number of our customers.