Infosoft has launched a group of mobile applications in both the (Google Play) store for Android phones and the Apple Store for phones with the (iOS) system, and it is directly linked to the Infosoft program to be able to review the most important financial reports and management of your company and follow up the activity and performance of all departments from anywhere, at any time and from mobile Just..
As it is possible through these applications to review the most important reports for sales, purchases, customers and suppliers, and the administration can benefit from these reports for its employees, managers in the sales and procurement departments, managers of branches and departments, in addition to the owners of the company according to a system of powers that takes into account the interest of work and the desire of the administration to organize and distribute.
These applications also contain practical advantages and characteristics to facilitate work and record some financial and administrative operations such as inventory, sales invoices, purchases and operations related to personnel affairs, all through the application available on mobile devices or mobile smart devices ..
These applications also facilitate the work of the Human Resources Department. Through the application, the employee can review his attendance and departure record for a specific period or for a specific day through which he can know the measure of his discipline and his commitment to the working hours, attendance and absence per month, and managers can also track the attendance and discipline of their employees through the mobile even if the employee is working In another branch and in another city, which in turn provides the administration with new and easy control tools …
Also, the employee can without reviewing the Personnel Management Department and at any time know his balance due for leave and from the application as well as the employee can submit his requests for annual leave and other without the need for advance appointments and old routine procedures and at the time the employee wants, even outside working hours, and he receives a response from the competent manager regarding his requests