The Infosoft systems were launched in 1987 in response to the needs of the market and the diverse business needs of financial and accounting programs that organize and assist in managing and making appropriate decisions for managers and officials of various business sectors.

Infosoft is one of the most important, oldest and best accounting and financial programs. Thanks to God, Information and Software Co. Ltd. has become one of the first pioneers in this field. The company offers its clients complete services in software and information technology. Achieving satisfaction for all our customers …

What distinguishes us

  • Provide the best systems and software solutions that are easy to use and flexible and operate on a database of high strength and security.
  • Training and qualification and provide the appropriate training environment to ensure the client the optimal use of the program and the maximum use of all the features of the program.
  • Multiple branches and spread in most regions of the Kingdom and all this to be closer to the client.
  • A specialized team in the technology of communications and networks to connect the program’s systems to our customers between their various branches.
  • Providing computers and peripherals, including servers and all that the customer needs at the highest standards of quality and high performance.
  • Technical support and maintenance services through the availability of an integrated technical staff with the competence and expertise to provide the best technical support and the fastest
  • Infosoft Branches

     Our company is characterized by its branches and spread in most regions of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia and Yemen and all this to be closer to the customer

     Universal Access Number 920012306

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    Headquarters Jeddah

    Address: Al Baghdadiya Al Gharbiya, Hael Street, Al Amal Plaza Building

    Phone: 0126502750 – Fax: 0126144984

  • team1

    Riyadh Branch

    Address: Al Tameer Market, Deira

    Phone: 0112870041 – Fax: 0112870049

  • team1

    Khamis Mushait Branch

    Address: Khalidiya Building Bin Nabit – Floor 2 – Office 32

    Phone: 0172208898 – Fax: 0172350487

  • team1

    Dammam Branch

    Address: Al-Anoud District – Hajar Commercial Center – Gate 12 – Floor 3

    Phone: 0138325031 – Fax: 0138310168

  • team1

    Madinah Branch

    Address: Al-Manarat Street, next to Batterjee Dispensary

    Phone: 0148357812 – Fax: 0148357813

  • team1

    Qassim branch

    Title: The Way of the City

    Phone: 0547819991

  • team1

    Jazan Branch

    Address: Airport Street

    Phone: 0535892397

  • team1

    Aden branch

    Address: Mansoura – Redsi Mall – 6 Floor

    Telephone :

  • team1

    Sanaa branch

    Address: Fifty Street

    Phone: 777456006