The Development and Programming Department of Information and Software Company (InfoSoft) announced the download of new updates in all the company’s programs that absorbed the recent amendments and decisions of the General Authority of Zakat and Income regarding raising the VAT rate. To 15% taking into account the organization of previous tax periods according to the old percentage and upcoming periods starting from the date of the start of the percentage amendment at the beginning of July 2020 and all financial transactions recorded at the beginning of July or those recorded before that and the method of calculating the tax for each of them according to the clarifications issued by the Zakat Authority And the income …

This included updates that add many features and features to Microsoft’s premium systems in terms of speed, safety, ease of work, and the diversity of reports that provide accurate information to decision makers in the upper divisions of organizations and companies operating on Microsoft’s premium systems. ..

Customers can obtain these updates by calling the company’s technical support service on the standard number 920012306