The concept of warehouse management

Warehouse management is defined as a process by which stores are organized and managed in terms of managing quantities and materials and managing the storage location. The warehouse management includes planning, monitoring and organizing operations, and aims to coordinate warehouse operations efficiently and effectively. It also includes overseeing all storage operations, examining and recording them effectively, and performing operations Maintenance of the components of the storage system at the lowest possible cost, managing what is related to transportation, packaging, technology, and receiving goods from their source, and storing them until they are requested, needed, shipped, and delivered to the user, and the warehouse management includes all operations To plan to define the objectives to be achieved, the way in which they are achieved, and to monitor and control to ensure that the plan is achieved and what must be done.

Warehouse management missions

The following are the tasks of warehouse management: Operations management: This includes managing operations that are executed in warehouses effectively, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost, from receiving goods to delivery. Inventory monitoring: where the storage process is monitored and the inventory is controlled, by recording all movements in the store, in order to monitor stored quantities and maintain the value of the assets in the store.

The importance of warehouse management

Warehouse management contributes to the success or failure of many companies, as the store is a mediator in the supply chain, which affects both service and supply chain costs, and warehouse management in an effective and efficient manner is an important task that is not easy; planning, making decisions, organizing the store, monitoring, and controlling In the storage and distribution process, all of these are tasks facing many challenges related to the company’s management and the labor market, and storage operations need to plan, control and control, which includes internal flow operations, storage and identification of the required product, collection of orders and sending and everything related to shipping and Stirad.